Electro Production
Your Trusted Partner
Provides Audio, Lighting, Electrical and Staging products services to a large scale rentals

Electro Production is an Indonesian private and independent company founded in 2004. The company call EPRO provides Audio, Lighting, Electrical and Staging products services to a large scale rentals ,entertainments and exhibition markets.

Our first offices are located in the Central of Java . Over the years EPRO has had the opportunity to Enlarge it's business industry to Jakarta.

Now Our headquarter is in JAKARTA where our extensive and all purpose facility maintain its business. It's not just keeping our equipment secure but also provides a place to create design and test before send them over to the production site

EPRO employs over 80 people all across Indonesia. we will provide your event with the best crew available. Our production staff is available at all times during the event and preparation of your event.

EPRO takes great pride in the fact that we are in the forefront of the industry. We maintain a good working relationships with our manufacturers, distributors and suppliers which enables us to offer you the most modern and innovative equipment available for your production.

EPRO branded are found in some of the most prestigious venues, tv station and used by a large number of high profile touring concert artists as well.

Electro production is pleased to make your creative dreams into reality through our professional production services.

We would appreciate your inquiries and interest in our company. We look forward to get an opportunity to help you by providing the world's most innovative equipment and ideas. We promise Our dedication and professionalism in serving and producing your event.